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Our DC Meat Production facility is based in Paarl, Western Cape. This is where we produce our range of flavourful, high quality cold meats, patties and sausages. Products are manufactured in various machines giving a unique flavour to each of our DC product ranges.

The production facility has three large cold rooms to hold raw products. We also have a large cooking room to move product swiftly through the factory.

To ensure our products are always top quality, each production line has their own Quality Controller to oversee the manufacturing of each product. Each department has two supervisors to oversee the flow of product on the casing lines.

We have 320 staff members working in our production facility, and have all been through our in-house DC Training and Development Programme.


To ensure all the goodness of our meat is sealed in, our products are vacuumed in our Rollstock machines. We package meat into a range of quantities and sizes, making sure we cater for all of our clients’ needs - from 200g packs to 5Kg bulk packs .

Cleanliness and quality is ensured by our highly trained staff

Two Supervisors oversee the work of our staff, and two Quality Controllers make sure that each product is checked and labelled correctly. Our high-risk area is well maintained and kept clean by the head of our Quality Controller at all times.

Cold Storage

DC Meat Wholesalers has been inspected and complies as an import and export cold store for meat products by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

We import about 20000mt and export roughly 2000mt of meat per year.

We keep our freezers controlled at -25 degrees to ensure complete cold chain is achieved. Our cold storage facility uses the latest ammonia refrigeration technology, which means that they don’t add to global warming.


  • 850 pallet allocations fixed racking
  • 800mt capacity
  • 675m” floor space
  • Four container plug-in facilities
  • Two offloading bays equipped with air operated dock levellers

Reliable Distribution

The dispatch team at DC Meat wholesalers are hardworking and dedicated. They strive to make every delivery a great experience! Our deliveries go out as far as George and Mossel Bay along the N2, Vanrhynsdorp on the N7 and De Doorns down the N1.

We deliver on average 500 000kg of fresh and frozen products per week.

Our dispatch freezer (+- 250m2) and two chillers make sure that your meat orders stay fresh (or frozen) until they reach your door.

  • Ranging between 14mt to 1.8mt capacity we can offer door to door service to any client.
  • Refrigerated units can maintain cold chain, ranging from +4 degrees to -25 degrees depending on the requirements.
  • In-cab controllers ensure drivers monitor temperature at regular intervals en route to delivery points.
  • Refrigerated units are serviced every 500 hours ensuring there is no break in the cold chain from factory to delivery point.
  • Daily pre-checks ensure vehicles are always roadworthy before leaving for deliveries.
  • All vehicles are sanitised prior to loading to ensure HACCP is maintained.
  • Dedicated routes ensure entire Western Cape is covered.

Our Stores

Our stores are open Mondays to Saturdays, with a few exceptions who are open 7 days a week. For your convenience, we accept various cards at our till points.

See our DC specials on offer in our stores, advertised in various local newspapers and right here on our website.

With 16 retail stores located around the Western Cape, you are sure to find a DC Meat Market near you. Find us as far up as Vredenberg on the West Coast and Worcester and Ceres in the Boland.

Together, all our stores employ approximately 420 staff, all trained in house to ensure the same quality and service is maintained throughout our chain of stores.

Our Products

Chicken Quaters

We supply a wide range of freshly cut, as well as frozen meat. We also have bulk products on offer to our customers.

Visit our fresh deli counters for your meat requirements, be it a small lunch or a family dinner. The deli staff are more than accommodating should you require special cuts of meats. You can even select your own lamb or sheep!

DC stores proudly offer our own DC branded products, produced at our world class production facility, and distributed to our stores by the DC fleet of vehicles.

Stores also stock a few day-to-day grocery products that complement our products on offer.

The DC group are constantly pushing innovation and working on new product lines to ensure we stay the peoples choice!

Social responsibility

DC Meat Wholesalers aim to help less fortunate children and the elderly by donating food to various organisations, including schools, orphanages and churches.

Our social responsibilities involve providing food to soup kitchens, providing a Christmas party to orphaned children and supporting crèches in our local community.

There are so many children that go to bed without a meal to eat, and it warms our heart to know we can help in a small way.